04 September 2017 more photos

New collection with your support!

Dana Voda and Boris Hanečka would love to realize another fashion show together with you, because Slovak designer should dress Slovak women and Slovak women should be dressed by Slovak designers.


We have decided to break all the conventions in our fashion industry and try out crowdfunding. We are first Slovak fashion designers, who will try to finance their fashion collection thanks to crowndfunding.

Pragmatism? Yes.  We would like to join you, our supporters, fans and friends, because nowadays it is the right way of creaion.



We have prepared lots of rewards, mysteries and suprises so do not hesitate, click and support!


You can support campaign here:

20 March 2016 more photos

Exhibition PORCELAIN LOVE in Prague

New collection of porcelain dolls was presented in Czech Fashion Council POP UP GALLERY in Prague.

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15 October 2015 more photos

Invitation for Fashion LIVE!

We invite you to see defilé of AW 2016 collection of Borisa Hanečka and Dana Voda that will take place in Old Market, Bratislava on 22nd of October at 22,00.

18 November 2014 play video

Invitation: Boris Hanečka & Ema Klein

We would like to cordially invite you

to the fashion show of Boris Hanečka and Ema Klein
on 4th of December 2014
in Zoya museum, Elesko park Modra
You can buy your ticket at Ticketportal

23 October 2014 play video

Opening video Spring/Summer 15

Have a look at video from Spring/Summer 15 show, that opened the show in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava!

20 August 2014 more photos

New collection Spring/Summer 15 is coming!

We are very happy to announce that new collection will be presented not in one but already in 3 European capitals! First of them will be Prague, where the show will be part of Prague Fashion Weekend, then we move to Budapest to Central European Fashion Week and the last but not least will be Bratislava where we´ll be proud part of Fashion LIVE!

12 October 2013 more photos


Slovak fashion was and will not be defeated by decision of cancelling BFW 2013. Together with the rest of designers we have decided to organize new fashion event, which will create a platform for slovak fashion. I am really happy to invite you all to FASHION LIVE! on 26th and 27th of October in Stará Tržnica. Defilé of my new collection will take place on 26th of October at 18,00.  FASHION LIVE! is open for public, so come to see our collections and support slovak fashion!

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07 September 2013 more photos


If you feel like shopping and you are looking for something different, browse Inperia. It is new web project, where you can find Slovak fashion designers and their ready-to-wear collections. Among them my 10 new models here.

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09 February 2012 more photos

Babydolls short before charity auction

And here are the dolls in its final form! These nine models will be auctioned tonight at the SOGA auction house with the support of our partner UniCredit Bank. As I said, all the money will go to charity .. The evening will be all about fragility ... With my first thoughts I was thinking a lot about fragile porcelain dolls and childhood.. Porcelain is a material with its own memory that's why it should be treated lightly in the process of creation, because all the defects will appear later on. And so it is with kids. The memory keeps all the childhood experience - pleasant and unpleasant ones. And we adults have the opportunity to influence these experience in a way, that kids who receive money from the auction will love their childhood memories. We'll have also dolls on the site, which you will be able to buy online. We'll upload them with all the information shortly after the auction!

01 February 2012 more photos

My own babydolls

For a long time I played with one idea..To create original dolls and design their small dresses.I had nothing too sweet on my mind. My doll should look more like from far galaxies above. I introduced this idea to UniCredit Bank and SOGA auction house and together we came out with idea of creating limited edition of babydolls, put them in auction and use money for a good intention. Since dolls are always associated with childhood, we decided to send money of the auction to Foundation "Magna Deti v núdzi" which helps kids all around the world. Here are pictures of newly made first doll.

08 January 2012 more photos

Ball in Opera

We were really happy with Hana Převrátilová that Jamelia, the main star of Ball in Opera decided for our dress. Have a look at her in it!

05 December 2011 more photos

Backstage of Orange fashion show

Orange fashion show also this year...But slightly different...I made the collection together with Hana Převrátilová. After some weeks of chasing each other in Bratislava and waiting for the other one (somebody was not very punctual..but I am not saying which one..) on 5th of December we are here with all the dresses ready. We have beautiful pictures from backstage from our friend Tonbogirl. Check it here and then don't forget to click on her blog

24 November 2011 more photos

Last preparation in backstage

After enriching cooperation with Makyta the models of collection L'Imperatrice are born. We have almost everything ready and show can start in few minutes! This is how it looked like in backstage!

13 November 2011 more photos

Let the empress be born!

To my very pleasant surprise I was contacted by Makyta and asked if we can make together the line of evening dresses that were "made by Boris Hanečka". Since at the birth of all my collections is one initial idea idea that connects all models, this time I bet on the grandeur and elegance of Empresses. The process of dress creation in Makyta, was very different from the one that we have in our studio. Everything happened much faster! Here are first pictures, where you can see the birth of a new empress!