18 November 2014 play video

Invitation: Boris Hanečka & Ema Klein

We would like to cordially invite you

to the fashion show of Boris Hanečka and Ema Klein
on 4th of December 2014
in Zoya museum, Elesko park Modra
You can buy your ticket at Ticketportal

12 October 2013 more photos


Slovak fashion was and will not be defeated by decision of cancelling BFW 2013. Together with the rest of designers we have decided to organize new fashion event, which will create a platform for slovak fashion. I am really happy to invite you all to FASHION LIVE! on 26th and 27th of October in Stará Tržnica. Defilé of my new collection will take place on 26th of October at 18,00.  FASHION LIVE! is open for public, so come to see our collections and support slovak fashion!

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06 August 2013 play video

summer party

It´s summer time and we are preparing the best birthday party of all times for our friend Vierka...and then celebrtaing and dancing...and enjoying summer :)

amazing video by jakub gulyas

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