04 September 2017 more photos

New collection with your support!

Dana Voda and Boris Hanečka would love to realize another fashion show together with you, because Slovak designer should dress Slovak women and Slovak women should be dressed by Slovak designers.


We have decided to break all the conventions in our fashion industry and try out crowdfunding. We are first Slovak fashion designers, who will try to finance their fashion collection thanks to crowndfunding.

Pragmatism? Yes.  We would like to join you, our supporters, fans and friends, because nowadays it is the right way of creaion.



We have prepared lots of rewards, mysteries and suprises so do not hesitate, click and support!


You can support campaign here:

27 October 2013 play video


The defilé of my new collection started with this video by Jakub Gulyas starring Lucia Hablovičová.

24 October 2013 play video

Fashion live! invitation video

I invite you all to defilé of my new collection which will take place in Stará Tržnica on 26th of October at 18,00!

22 October 2013 play video

teaser for FASHION LIVE! show

Check out the video teaser that we prepared together with photographer Jakub Gulyas. Fashion Live! starting on 26th of October will show to everyone that slovak fashion is alive and kicking!

11 March 2012 more photos

Lucie Bílá in rock outfit for Anděl awards!

Lucie Bílá asked me to think of a hard rock outfit for her that she needs to put on during Anděl awards, where she is going to sing with the group called Arakain.

Check out the result!

09 February 2012 more photos

Babydolls short before charity auction

And here are the dolls in its final form! These nine models will be auctioned tonight at the SOGA auction house with the support of our partner UniCredit Bank. As I said, all the money will go to charity .. The evening will be all about fragility ... With my first thoughts I was thinking a lot about fragile porcelain dolls and childhood.. Porcelain is a material with its own memory that's why it should be treated lightly in the process of creation, because all the defects will appear later on. And so it is with kids. The memory keeps all the childhood experience - pleasant and unpleasant ones. And we adults have the opportunity to influence these experience in a way, that kids who receive money from the auction will love their childhood memories. We'll have also dolls on the site, which you will be able to buy online. We'll upload them with all the information shortly after the auction!

28 November 2011 play video

Ladyliscious girls in my outfits

We've prepared these mettalic outfits for Ladyliscious girls so everybody who sees them on in Česko - Slovensko má talent competition looses breath...And mission completed! Check out the video!