27 February 2012 more photos

Zuzka Smatanová during Slávik awards

After Zuzana's styling for her album called "Dvere", which you can see here, I helped with her styling for Slávik awards also. Zuzka showed herself in short sexy dress. Have a look at her!

09 February 2012 more photos

Babydolls short before charity auction

And here are the dolls in its final form! These nine models will be auctioned tonight at the SOGA auction house with the support of our partner UniCredit Bank. As I said, all the money will go to charity .. The evening will be all about fragility ... With my first thoughts I was thinking a lot about fragile porcelain dolls and childhood.. Porcelain is a material with its own memory that's why it should be treated lightly in the process of creation, because all the defects will appear later on. And so it is with kids. The memory keeps all the childhood experience - pleasant and unpleasant ones. And we adults have the opportunity to influence these experience in a way, that kids who receive money from the auction will love their childhood memories. We'll have also dolls on the site, which you will be able to buy online. We'll upload them with all the information shortly after the auction!

01 February 2012 more photos

My own babydolls

For a long time I played with one idea..To create original dolls and design their small dresses.I had nothing too sweet on my mind. My doll should look more like from far galaxies above. I introduced this idea to UniCredit Bank and SOGA auction house and together we came out with idea of creating limited edition of babydolls, put them in auction and use money for a good intention. Since dolls are always associated with childhood, we decided to send money of the auction to Foundation "Magna Deti v núdzi" which helps kids all around the world. Here are pictures of newly made first doll.