28 November 2011 play video

Ladyliscious girls in my outfits

We've prepared these mettalic outfits for Ladyliscious girls so everybody who sees them on in Česko - Slovensko má talent competition looses breath...And mission completed! Check out the video!

24 November 2011 more photos

Last preparation in backstage

After enriching cooperation with Makyta the models of collection L'Imperatrice are born. We have almost everything ready and show can start in few minutes! This is how it looked like in backstage!

13 November 2011 more photos

Let the empress be born!

To my very pleasant surprise I was contacted by Makyta and asked if we can make together the line of evening dresses that were "made by Boris Hanečka". Since at the birth of all my collections is one initial idea idea that connects all models, this time I bet on the grandeur and elegance of Empresses. The process of dress creation in Makyta, was very different from the one that we have in our studio. Everything happened much faster! Here are first pictures, where you can see the birth of a new empress!

11 November 2011 more photos

Zuzana Smatanová opens new Door

Zuzka Smatanová released a new album called “Door” and she asked me if we can prepare together her look for the album cover. I think about Zuzka, that she is beautiful girl with lovely figure ... We bet on that and here you can see the result!